February 8, 2011

Skanova appoints Sweden’s Fiber Heroes

The technology company DellCron was this year’s Fiber Company when Skanova in connection with its "Fiber till fler" seminar 2011-02-09 awarded Sweden’s Fiber Heroes.

The purpose of the awards was to highlight the actors that in an innovative manner bring fiber development forward in Sweden.

Skanova started last fall the "Fiber to the more" initiative to put the light on the possibilities of fibers in Sweden. On fibertillfler.se Skanova clarifies areas of usage and public benefits of fiber. Today's ceremony directs the light towards the players who worked most innovative with the fiber issue in 2010.

- We at Skanova want as many people as possible to have access to fiber and the opportunities fiber creates. Our goal for Sweden is that 50% of all households should have fiber in 2014. To increase the rate of fiber development in the country, we need to be innovative and daring to think outside the box. It feels really great now to reward organizations that really has shown creativity, says Ove Alm, CEO of Skanova.

This year's fiber company: DellCron

The technology company DellCron specializes in fiber optic communications. The company won the award for its innovative system for end milling (Micro trenching Technology). Instead of digging up the entire sidewalk or street when one is constructing fiber is enough to mill an inch wide trench. The method is both cost-effective, fast and environmentally friendly.

DellCron has shown great innovation – just such a creative and innovative thinking we need in Sweden to enable us to achieve our fiber goals and we regard DellCron as a worthy winner in the category This year’s Fiber Company!

For more information, please contact:

Skanova, Nina Stridsberg, Kommunikationschef
Tel. 08-504 55 097

The MTT method (and iNSIDE) was presented on "FTTH Europe Milan Show"

DellCron received much attention at the lecture in Milan and has been invited to India, Italy, Germany, to provide a more detailed presentation of the MTT system. MTTs business model also offers training, planning and project management.

To name a few who attended the lecture:

Deutsche Telekom, Wind, Telecom Italia, GRNET / Edet, Trentino Network and so on

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