August 18, 2011

Fiber Optic Valley invites urban networks to the display of DellCrons method of micro-trenching.

DellCron has developed the world's most advanced method for installation of ducting tubes for fiber in the roads or sidewalks. The method is based on the so-called micro-trenching, which has developed into a large-scale and highly automated method. The method was shown to invited stakeholders in Hudiksvall on 13 June. Now Fiber Optic Valley also provides urban networks the opportunity to see the technology at a new display date.

DellCron has established itself in Hudiksvall in the spring of 2011 after signing a cooperation agreement with Fiber Optic Valley. In the Fiber Optic Valley Network, we work with a focus on excellence, innovation and growth, and in Hudiksvall there are many years expertise in broadband technology, including training for fiber technicians.

DellCron will now continue the development of the method together with us in this favorable environment. New programs, services and software will see the light in the rollout of the method.

The display for urban networks is Thursday, August 18 at 10.00 in Hudiksvall. After the display you will also meet with representatives of fiber education, community and Fiber Optic Valley.

We can accommodate up to 50 people to the display – sign up now so you're sure to get a seat! In early August, we send out address details and directions to all who signed up.

Application is made to martin.sidorson @ by 8 July. Please call to Mr. Gustavsson, DellCron if you have questions about the display of the MTT, at tel: 070-738 89 97th

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