DellCron's micro trenching method is the world's most advanced method for installation of duct pipes for fiber in roads or sidewalks. The method is based on the so-called micro-trenching, which has developed into a large-scale and highly automated method.

Now it will be possible to offer house owners in areas with single-family homes to get broadband via fiber (FTTH) with a new method that will reduce installation costs to 50%. The method is based on new developed Sawing machine with a diamond blade that are optimized to cut through the asphalt and into the underlying road base. The machine cuts a 38 cm deep and only 2 cm wide track, so that traffic can pass without any problems. While the saw is proceeding it automatically downloads duct pipes for each passing plot / house. Installation capacity is 500-1000 meters per day depending on the asphalt and road base.

The method also includes a professional and industrialized approach to restoration and sealing of the surface.

To prevent damage to existing infrastructure GEO radar is used to find what is already distributed in the soil. This information is automatically saved to a hard disk for later use in a project planning tool / program.

The method is safe, fast and environmentally friendly and you do not need to make major shutdowns.


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