September 30, 2011

In fierce competition Wavin has been selected as partner to DellCron, to develop innovative solutions for our patent pending installation method.


DellCron place a large part of its efforts to perfect its sawing method to Hudiksvall. The reason is the great enthusiasm and the great expertise that exists in the network of companies around the Fiber Optic Valley. DellCron wants to develop training programs and platforms that can support both networking and operators together with Fiber Optic Valley’s members.

DellCron is a member of Fiber Optic Valley's corporate network since autumn 2010. The activities The activity that DellCron will be engaged in is technological development. In addition to tests of their own micro trenching technology DellCron will also support the development of a complete testing facility for the telecommunications industry.

- Fiber Optic Valley, along with several international and local actors, aspires to eventually create a test facility that is available to all suppliers of cables and other components for fiber to the home.

See also press release from Fiber Optic Valley

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