July 13, 2017

DellCron proudly presents a new micro trencher titled DMT 4W. It is manufactured in Germany in accordance with DellCron's patents.

The machine has several important functions, such as being able to adjust the working depth during operation, when for example an electric power cable, lying too shallow, has to be crossed. In addition, the machine does not require a starting pit. Instead it can lower the saw blade and saw a few meters and then lower the duct laying device and carry on laying ducts. The machine is powered by a 140 hp diesel engine, which ensures that it is able to saw and lay ducts with high speed.








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June 8, 2017
Munkbron 11
111 28 Stockholm

DellCron's micro trenching technology attracted great interest at the FTTH Conference in Marseille. DellCron's technology was shown by a representative from MTT system, who because of this received invitations to undertake a number of projects. For further information contact DellCron.

The last in a long row of patent applications from DellCron is among others regarding a new and improved method for cooling of the saw blade when micro trenching. The method will improve the life of the saw blades and thereby improve the profitability.

Patent number: 9188987
Abstract: The present invention relates to a machine arranged for sawing micro trenches and placing ducts/communication cables in micro trenches, said machine comprising a saw blade arranged for sawing a micro trench in an area; said machine further comprises a stabilizing device arranged for stabilizing the walls of said micro trench when placing ducts/communication cables into said micro trench, said stabilizing device being positioned immediately behind said saw blade in said micro trench, and said stabilizing device comprising guiding means for guiding at least one duct/communication cable when placed into said micro trench.
Type: Grant
Filed: November 10, 2011
Date of Patent: November 17, 2015
Assignee: DellCron AB
Inventors: Conny Gustavsson, Hasse Hultman








Thanks to a completely new method and technology, broad band over fibre can be installed faster, simpler and cheaper than before. The first commercial pilot project for the Swedish incumbent operator TeliaSonera's infrastructure subsidiary Skanova access network has recently been completed.

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The Swedish governmental agency for innovation systems VINNOVA is investing an additional 1.5 million on a new method for fiber installations

Only sixmonths after the first million SEK contribution Vinnova has now decided to invest another 1.5 million Swedish crowns in DellCrons innovation MTT (Micro trenching Technology). The invention makes it possible to install broadband with only a thin slot in the asphalt, which saves time, money and the environment.

- Pure revolution for broadband deployment, says Jeannette Waax at Fiber Optic Valley in Hudiksvall.

Is it really necessary to dig up sidewalks and the streets to get broadband in residential areas? No, not anymore. With DellCrons new Swedish invention, only a narrow track in the asphalt is needed. Vinnova is now pressing with extra funds to get the product on the market.

- The MTT method makes the work twice as fast and half as expensive compared to traditional digging, says DellCron’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Gustavsson.

Already four years ago the Swedish company DellCron predicted that residential areas would be a new large market in need of more effective methods for installation of fiber cable.

The idea of ​​micro trenching Technology (MTT) system emerged, a new method based on milling a narrow track in the asphalt, with the diamond tool, and putting down the duct pipes in one single operation. Soon after this, the track is filled again with a stable and waterproof mass. The method is patent pending.

- We have followed DellCrons development for a year. Their innovation is very interesting and is on track to set a new
standard for fiber installation in the urban environment, says Jeannette Waax, Business Development Manager Fiber Optic Valley.

Last spring DellCron was granted a million SEK by the Vinnova program “Forska och Väx” to complete the product. Now, Vinnova has put in to another 1.5 million SEK to further strengthen the concept, namely the documentation part.
Vinnovas justification for new decision is that the DellCron project is “innovative and strategically important for Swedish ICT (information and communication technologies).”

- It is highly unusual for innovation funds to be granted twice in the same year. We are very proud of this and assume that Vinnova, just as we, see the enormous market potential of MTT, says Mr. Gustavsson.

For more information contact: Mr. Gustavsson, Chief Operating Officer DellCron,
phone 070-738 89 97 www.dellcron.com

Jeannette Waax, Business Development Manager Fiber Optic Valley, phone 073-274 74 07


DellCron is a technology company specializing in fiber optic communications, which also offers advice and training. The company has solid technical expertise and experience in areas such as international standardization of cables and
systems, sales and technical support of products from the world’s leading suppliers of components, subsystems and telecommunications equipment.

DellCron markets a comprehensive range of products and systems for fiber optic communications.

DellCron has gradually shifted from being solely a supplier of materials to also become a technology company in the broadband industry.

DellCron have high technical expertise and vast experience. Learn more about DellCron on www.dellcron.com

Fiber Optic Valley is an organization working to make Sweden become a world leader in the development of products and services based on fiber optics. Headquartered in Hudiksvall with local offices in Sundsvall and Gävle. “Our mission is to help local and global businesses to grow. This is done through a unique support in the form of research, education, finance, contacts and business development – and an equally unique testing environment for technical and behavioral studies”. Learn more about Fiber Optic Valley and fiber optics in www.fiberopticvalley.com

October 10, 2011

Stockholm-based company DellCron have spent the last three years developing an installation method that can save time and money for urban networks. They will soon reach the goal.

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October 8, 2011

For nearly half an hour, you get an overview of different ways to build FTTH, a description of the method "Micro trenching" and how the new, highly automated technology work with installation of ducting tubes for FTTH in the streets and sidewalks. You are offered new and valuable knowledge from installations in the real world.
Hans Hultman, DellCron

Dellcron and Wavin launches innovation cooperation.

Representatives from Wavin, DellCron and Fiber Optic Valley on Elmässan.

On this year's ELMÄSSA in Stockholm Dellcron and Wavin presented their collaboration to develop innovative solutions for a patent pending method for installation of fiber.

Link to the press release

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